“I am writing today as I would like to highly commend Cindy on the superb service she offered my daughter and I this October. We are ecstatic about our new home and future life in Pembroke. I will gladly provide a personal reference to anyone that asks as I highly recommend Cindy to anyone seeking to purchase a home in the Pembroke area. Just ask her for my email or cell #.
Living 5 hours away, not knowing the area or its residents we quickly realized how invaluable an asset Cindy was to this process. She was patient, kind, extremely professional, efficient and quick to schedule and show us listings with very little notice and within a few days, on the only 2 occasions we were able to be in Pembroke.
Cindy continued to provide her time and invaluable support during the entire process, before and after finding our home. She always completed any follow through with pending issues in a timely manner, while immediately communicating the results back to us, without us ever having to remind her.
She offered to be our on-site eyes and ears, thinking through everything on our behalf, recommending good services that we needed with quality and dependable people while sincerely caring about each step and every step……a rare quality that is hard to find but a key to exceptional service and Cindy has it!
Having taught sales and customer service in a corporate environment for many years I feel Cindy is a true winner!
I highly recommend Cindy Sell to anyone for all your real estate needs. Danielle, Ella and I want to sincerely thank you again Cindy for all that you have done.”

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